Wheat & Associates will tailor a life insurance plan to fit your needs. Our professionals work with you to understand your risks and objectives. We know that the choices you make now for the future are critical, and we are skilled at customizing cost–effective solutions.


Term insurance provides a death benefit protection for a stated period of time, or “term”. The protection is written with a guaranteed rate for the term, and can be set for periods of 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years. 

Term insurance does not have a cash value and you cannot cash it in. Term insurance benefits you by helping you meet short term financial responsibilities, such as paying off a mortgage, consumer loans,  caring for children and covering college education. Term insurance is affordable and a large amount of insurance may be purchased for a relatively small premium.



Universal life is an adjustable benefit, flexible premium life insurance policy that accumulates account value. It can help meet the needs of people who desire long term benefits protection with a flexible premium structure. 

In addition, the policy’s account value earns interest that is federal income tax deferred.